Iraid Sor SRL was founded in 2002.

The company focuses on purchasing walnut kernels from Moldavian farmers. The walnuts are later carefully sorted and packed into cardboard containers (10 kg.) following all international standards.

We have a wide variety of customers which are located mainly in Europe (France, Greece, Spain) and Asia (Syria, Lebanon, Iran).

Our main objective is to supply our customers with healthy and safe products that will meet their highest expectations. We thoroughly watch on GMO, allergen and foreign substances not to be mixed with our product.


We guarantee a unique foreign substances cleanness (less than 15 pieces of shells per tone) due to the selection of our suppliers and our quality supervision during the reception process. Further  mechanical control and hand sorting are made by our highly trained staff.

The use of high-quality raw materials and advanced equipment of world leading manufacturers dealing with walnuts, has allowed us to achieve the best results regarding quality of production: uniform humidity, ideal cleanness, invariable accuracy in a color background of a product as well as microbiological indices.

Thus, qualitative characteristics of our products allow our customers to use them directly for the designated purpose, without carrying out any additional processing (sorting, clearing, drying). These aspects significantly facilitate production cycles of consumers and at the end lead to minimize labour and financial.

During our business trajectory, we have established good relationships with several businesses and organizations, as well as farmers and private individuals. Our company is able to negotiate flexible terms of payment orders and offers competitive prices.